A Letter to 20 Year-Old Me

A Letter to 20 Year-Old Me_Blog Title.png

Happy Birthday!



Today we’re 39. We made it this far and further we will go. Remember when 35 seemed a long ways away. Now, I can see past 111.


I’m writing to you because recently I’ve been asked what I would tell you or what I would do differently at 20 if I could back. So here goes.


Trust the voice within. She’s your instinct draped in love and knows what will make your heart smile. Get comfortable with your voice and the powerful messages it delivers. Get comfortable with your you. You bring great energy to all that you touch. Revel in your weird, awkward self. You rock! Try. Try. Try again. You’re over thinking things babe. Think a little. Do and then think some more. BUT DO!!! Stop giving everyone so many tries. They don’t deserve it. They don’t deserve you. Dance hard. Dance loud. Dance often. Never stop writing just start sharing it now. Do things that you love regardless of who knows about it, who does it with you, who is watching, and what they will say. Do things for you. Resolve your smaller issues now. Don’t wait. They’ll just become unnecessarily important or unnecessarily huge. Those issues will take up good energy. Let go. Let go to make room for what you truly desire. Everything else just takes up precious space.



Continue to love.

Continue to grow.

Continue to laugh.


I wish you an awesome 20. May your day be filled with love and light and your year filled with you!


Love always,




So, dear readers. Write a letter to your 20 year-old self. If you’re brave enough...share it.