What The Lord of Light Showed Me in The Flames

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Sometimes, somehow, someway, life puts beautiful metaphors, physically in front of me. They are signs bringing clues and they always come at the right time.





This past weekend, I had the fortune to be sat in front of a fire and watch its short and timely evolution. By the time we arrived at the restaurant, there were just fiery, orange logs waiting to either die out or be re-energized with more wood. They had a low flame that threatened to go out at any moment. In this state, the fire was beautiful. Its power resting and quiet. The heat it gave off made the freezing temperatures of the Catskills pleasant, the meal more delicious, and the atmosphere more romantic.




And then one of the waitresses, Melisandre, added more logs to the flame and created “more fiyah”. The light not only shone on the previous logs but it shone brilliantly on us. I’ve always been drawn to fire and that night was no exception. This burning fire was a beautiful metaphor, a sign, and I took heed.


As I took photos of the fire I inched closer. Feeling its heat all over me I was reminded of the following.

🎈 I can’t create from afar. I gotta get close. I gotta get in whatever has my attention. I have to feel like it’s surrounding me. Like the heat that was enveloping me then. That’s how I connect to it and it to me. I have to get fully involved with my life and that means remaining present.

🎈I have to remember to stoke my fire. I have to remember to tend to it more than just occasionally. I have to tend to it more than anyone else’s. It’s not enough for me to start off roaring. I gotta maintain that, “pop” of new logs being added to the fire and burning to ensure that I am re-energized.

🎈Nature is so important to me. It is one of the logs of wood that keeps my fire going. It is one of my pieces of kindle. Love is another one. I try to create and be surrounded by what’s important to me.

🎈I have to let things be. Once I get my fire going, I gotta surrender to the truth that it will burn brilliantly. That it will, “do what it do.”

🎈I have to remember the, “pop” and the “roar” of my fire is expected, and so is the quiet, slow burn.

🎈I can’t be afraid of my shine; my glow; my brilliance.  It’s less for me and more for us. “I shine. You shine. We shine.”


When we were back at the cabin and it was time for me to start a fire, I remembered my truth, that I was the one creating the magic and have been all along.


Peace, love, and light.